Expert 3R’s – in vitro sensitization testing, Director of 3Rs Management and Consulting ApS (Denmark)


  • Dr. Erwin Roggen obtained a degree in Biochemistry at the University of Antwerp in 1984. He has been involved for 20 years in development, implementation, dissemination and acceptance of animal-free approaches to testing and assessment, among others as coordinator of the FP6 Project Sens-it-iv (2005-2011) focusing on the development of mechanism-based test methods for skin and respiratory sensitization.
  • He acquired an extensive experience in management of (immune-)toxicological and pharmacological R&D projects, and development and implementation of animal-free approaches to testing (e.g. early decision-making during product development) and risk assessment.
  • Erwin’s long-term vision is better human and environmental health and safety through the application and acceptance of animal-free approaches for testing and assessment of substances and products. In line with this vision, he (co-)established 3Rs Management and Consulting ApS (www.3RsMC-ApS.com) (2009), Senzagen AB (www.senzagen.com) (2010) and ToxGenSolutions BV (www.toxgensolutions.eu) (2015), all tools for driving promising animal-free methods from the bench to industry and regulatory authorities.
  • Erwin is active in several national (e.g. Danish 3Rs Center, Medicon Valley Alliance), European (e.g. ECHA, ecopa, EPAA, ESAC, EUROTOX, EUSAAT, IVTIP) and global (e.g. OECD, SOT Speciality Sections) organizations that are working towards a culture where research, efficacy and safety issues are addressed first with animal-free approaches, and only thereafter with ‘refinement’ and ‘reduction’ strategies using animals.