ATERA produces several human tissue models based on its proprietary core tissue reconstruction technology :


Commercialized human tissue models are used by industry for both in-house screening and regulatory testing purposes. In the EU, the Cosmetics Regulations prohibits both animal testing of cosmetic products as well as marketing of cosmetics that have been tested on animals. This has led to the implementation of tissue model-based methods in regulatory guidelines. Recently also other industry sectors are starting to apply non-animal testing regulations.

Today only human skin model-based tests are listed in these guidelines: i.e. for skin corrosion testing and for skin irritation testing.

To comply with regulations, many new non-animal test methods will need to be developed for allergy, genotoxicity, phototoxicity as well as eye irritation testing, amongst others.

ATERA will focus on the development, validation, manufacturing and commercialization of advanced tissue engineered human tissue models addressing both regulatory and non-regulatory testing needs of industry while demonstrating unique features and high economic value.

ATERA engineering scheme 2016