77.Atera_.Béatrice-Le-Varlet.SkinVaScIn collaboration with its research partners, ATERA now also offers specialized contract research services, in particular in the field of mildness testing. Highly sophisticated assays based on impedance spectroscopy were developed that are applicable on all types of 3D tissue models including skin, cornea and other mucosal models. These assays allow companies to assess compounds and formulations, for sub-clinical irritation. Other test applications based on impedance spectroscopy testing include epidermal barrier regeneration and wound-healing. Another area of contract research activities includes the evaluation of compounds as well as the development of test methods on “vascularized” skin and mucosal models. As these models are being ‘perfused’ through an engineered vasculature a variety of test applications can be envisioned including systemic efficacy and toxicity of topical or systemically applied chemicals, and/or even the effects of circulating immune cells on tissue differentiation.

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