Timothy Foubert

Chief Financial Officer


Over 15 years’ experience in general and financial management roles, mostly as co-owner, bringing growth to mature medium-sized European companies by detecting internal drivers or through external acquisitions.

Timothy has achieved successes through rethinking strategies and initiate the changes. These included reviewing financial structure, service offerings, management teams, acquisition strategies, disposals or equity operations.

He has a strong focused network of investors and change managers with in two major industry lines; Life Sciences and Engineering & Information Technology.

Some of his more recent missions were:

  • Buy and build of a Clinical Contract Research Organization service offering for a large listed company through acquisitions and an ambitious organic growth plan, now a 30M€ revenue division.
  • Targeted acquisitions spanning primarily Benelux, Switzerland, Portugal and Austria
  • Buy and build strategic roadmap plus target identification in the pharmaceutical outsourcing market for a major European Investment Fund