Scientific Officer, France, Ph. D


Béatrice Le Varlet works as a consultant in the field of in vitro studies for safety and efficacy testing after a 17-year experience in academic skin and eye research and cosmetic industry. She is European Registered Toxicologist, EUROTOX Expert in Alternative Methods since 2007, ALEXANDRA Scientific Advisory Board Member, SFT, and CED member.

  • Dr Le Varlet obtained a Skin Biology & Cosmetology PhD at the University of Lyon in 1991, a Degree of Applied Toxicology of Dermocosmetic Products at the University of Bordeaux and a Degree in “Safety Assessment of Cosmetics in the EU” at the Vrije University of Brussels in 2000.
  • After 6 years of academic research activity in cell-cell interactions both in skin and ocular biology (INSERM, Lyon, Paris), she joined LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics as a senior scientist in the R&D Biology Department. She was in charge of the development of in vitro models for testing efficacy of cosmetic ingredients. Then she managed the in vitro Toxicology Laboratory and set up GLP for the hazard assessment of LVMH cosmetic products in development. Alternative methods of animal testing were used for regulatory eye irritation and phototoxicity testing.
  • She was also in charge of bioavailability and skin delivery activities and actively involved in the development of new alternative methods for skin sensitization and irritation. She was a member of Eye Irritation and Skin Tolerance Task Forces of Cosmetics Europe – The Personal Care Association for 6 years. She provides consultancy expertise in cosmetic in vitro testing since 2006.
  • As part of this consultancy role, she was the scientific coordinator of the Eye Irritation Task Force of Cosmetics Europe over 3 years. Recently, she offers trainings on Alternative Methods (Fc3 bio) and on Pharmaceutical Content/Container Interactions (CEFIRA). She has been involved in 36 scientific peer reviewed manuscripts and she acts as a reviewer for journals in the field of dermatology and in vitro toxicology.