ATERA Signs R&D Agreement with InMed

Vancouver, BC – July 10, 2017 – InMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“InMed” or the « Company ») (CSE: IN; OTCQB: IMLFF), a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the research and development of novel, cannabinoid-based drug therapies, is pleased to announce it has entered into a research and development collaboration with ATERA SAS of France, a leading tissue engineering company…


CellSystems Biotechnologie Vertrieb GmbH and ATERA SAS announce a close collaboration

CellSystems Biotechnologie Vertrieb GmbH (Troisdorf, Germany) and ATERA SAS (Villeneuve-Loubet, France) announce a close collaboration for the commercialization of the epiCS® human skin models, including human epidermis, tanned epidermis and full thickness skin. Both companies will work together to boost the sales of the epiCS® skin models and related products as well as testing applications by co-marketing cross sectorial.

ATERA announces the launch of new exclusive 3D tissue model testing services

In collaboration with its research partners, ATERA now also offers specialized contract research services, in particular in the field of mildness testing. Highly sophisticated assays based on impedance spectroscopy were developed that are applicable on all types of 3D tissue models including skin, cornea and other mucosal models. These assays allow companies to assess compounds…