11th International Conference and Workshop on Biological barriers

11th International Conference and Workshop on Biological barriers, Saarbrücken, Germany March 7-9, 2016

At the occasion of the 11th International Conference and Workshop on Biological barriers organized by the Univ of Saarbrücken, ATERA’s CSO Dr. Florian Groeber will give an oral presentation on March 8 at 16.00h on the use of complex tissue engineered skin models and impedance spectroscopy as new tools for hazard identification and efficacy testing. The  biennial Conference and…


ATERA announces the launch of new exclusive 3D tissue model testing services

In collaboration with its research partners, ATERA now also offers specialized contract research services, in particular in the field of mildness testing. Highly sophisticated assays based on impedance spectroscopy were developed that are applicable on all types of 3D tissue models including skin, cornea and other mucosal models. These assays allow companies to assess compounds…

“Open Source” Based Engineered Human Tissue Models

Today, engineered three-dimensional tissue models from human cells of the skin, cornea, mucosa, and respiratory tract are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer, and cosmetic industries as alternatives to animal testing. The currently available scientifically valid 3D tissue-engineered models, however, are protected by patents and/or are being commercialized using proprietary tissue culture procedures owned by only a few private companies.