ATERA is a tissue engineering company specialized in research and development, validation, manufacturing and commercialization of advanced human tissue models to address the growing demand for reliable, cost-effective and high-quality test methods for product evaluation, gradually reducing and replacing animal experimentation, for both industrial safety & efficacy testing as well as medical research.


The ATERA project is the result of more then 25 years professional experience of the company founder Dr. Bart De Wever, Ph.D, in the business development of tissue engineered research models for product evaluation (3D tissue models).

Based on his multiple relationships with industry and specialized research laboratories, and his professional involvement as expert at the European Commission for the validation and regulatory acceptance of non-animal test methods for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, he started early 2014 to design a business project, aiming to mass-produce 3D human tissue models to meet the needs of the industry.

Discussions with several major industrial players in the field of 3D cell & tissue culture and research laboratories in the field of human tissue engineering have led to an aggregation of four existing tissue model businesses, supported by an R&D pipeline with high economic value.

ATERA is an abbreviation for :

Advanced Tissue Engineering for Research Applications”


Founder ATERA Bart De Wever

Dr. Bart De Wever

Founder, PhD Chief Executive officer & Chief Scientific Officer

Phone numbers: +33 687 214 068